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TCAPO Awards NT$1,500 Gift Certificate to Adopter Buying Insurance for Pets.

Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) will expand the pet insurance incentive program this year (2023). Any owner who has adopted or will adopt a pet at TCAPO and will buy insurance for the pet at his or her own expense this year is eligible to apply for one gift certificate with a market value of NT$1,500 under the "Sheltering for Stray Animals" event. Please take note that any pet owner must buy the pet insurance for this year and complete the application before June 1, 2023. As only 250 pieces of a gift certificates will be given out in this first wave, pet owners should hurry up; otherwise, they must wait until the launch of the second wave.

TCAPO said that the 2022 incentive program for the insurance of adopted dogs and cats was terminated and the "Sheltering for Stray Animals" event has been launched since November 2022 so as to continue to promote the concept of pet insurance and encourage owners to buy insurance through incentives. As a result, 92 pet owners have each applied and received a gift certificate of NT$1,500 in the past 3 months, demonstrating that many pet owners have the concept to safeguard pet welfare and are willing to buy insurance for pets. When adopting the pet dog "Mu Mu" at TCAPO in 2021, Ms. Dai bought an insurance policy for it, because she found at that time that Mu Mu might suffer from abnormal vision to cause her a huge amount of medical expenses that she might not be able to afford. Therefore, she searched for information relating to pet insurance and found an insurance policy specially designed for the mixed breed dogs. As the insurance has a complete coverage at an affordable cost, she decided to take out the pet insurance for "Mu Mu". As the insurance was bought on November 7, 2022, she was qualified to participate in the "Sheltering for Stray Animals” event to win a gift certificate of NT$1,500.

TCAPO added that the "Sheltering for Stray Animals" event can be registered online (https://reurl.cc/580EWy) from now on. Alternatively, people can make application at the counter of the Animal Shelter (No. 191, Anmei Street, Neihu District). TCAPO would like to remind every owner that pets are part of the family. Just like people have national health insurance to reduce the burden of medical expenses, a pet owner can buy commercially available pet insurance products to insure his or her pet(s). Every owner should make a long-term care program for his or her own pet(s) and choose at least one pet insurance policy according to needs. Please visit the TCAPO official website for more information on pet’s medical expenses, pet’s tort liability, pet’s daily boarding fees, pet’s search-advertising fees, pet’s funeral expenses, and pet’s reacquisition fees. In addition, there are many pets awaiting to be adopted at TCAPO, which will award you with a number of adoption benefits. To learn more about those furkid for adoption, please join the "Facebook.com/tcapo.tas" fan page for inquiries.