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Security and Privacy Policy for the Taipei City Animal Protection Office

Privacy Policy

TCAPO deems it important to protect and respect privacy rights. Therefore, to help understand how TCAPO and extended service sites collect, apply and protect personal information, we would strongly recommend you to read the following privacy policy carefully.

Scope of Use

This policy covers personal information collected, applied and protected by TCAPO and extended service sites. Personal data provided to other websites through TCAPO follows the privacy policy of respective websites.

Data Collection

Personal information is collected through:

Online Questionnaires: Online activities or questionnaires may request name, ID number, telephone number, email address or home address. Advertisements may be linked to other sites for prizes, competitions or promotional events. These sites or institutions have their own privacy policies and protection measures are outside the scope of the TCAPO privacy policy.

Subscription of E-Newsletter: If you wish to receive messages through email, it is necessary to provide some information for operational needs, subscription cancellation or revision services.

General Browsing: TMIAH retains user LOG files which are automatically created by the server while browsing, including network IP address, log time, types of browsers and page history. The TCAPO website marks individual logging browsers to categorize the pages browsed in the website. It is not possible to compare this information with personal data.

Others: Email address, name or other information may also be left on the discussion board of the TCAPO website. TCAPO privacy policy does not pertain to places where users may choose to input personal information. Any letters to TCAPO or comments through other channels are kept.

Use of Cookies and Related Policy

To provide personalized service, cookies are sometimes required. Cookies are temporary data files sent from websites to browsers and saved in hard drives, to store and trace user data. Users may choose to turn off, or be notified if a site is using cookies in the Function Settings or in the Advanced Internet Options. If cookies are not allowed, access to certain personalized service, or participation in some activities will be limited.

Generally speaking, cookies are used for the following purposes:

To have better and more personalized services: Cookies make it easier to interact with users. Cookies are used when registering, or logging in or out.

To analyze browsing habits: Cookies are used to observe browsing habits to make future improvements.

To track the frequency of visit to certain advertisements and promotion participation: Sometimes when TCAPO sends out E-Newsletters or sponsors a promotional event, cookies are used to follow user participation and provide related statistics.

Application of Personal Data

TCAPO website does not sell, rent or exchange any personal information to institutions or individuals. Only under the following circumstances will TCAPO website share private information with third parties:

Online events and internet surveys: All names and ID numbers collected by TCAPO website are solely used to verify prize winners. Information including telephone numbers, email or home addresses are not used for purposes other than notifying winners and analyzing statistics. Other information facilitates service analysis or academic use. The TCAPO website does not use private information for other purposes.

Statistics and Analyses: The TCAPO website conducts research internally or commissions an academic institution to investigate user interests and internet habits according to user registration information, questionnaires, promotional events and log data in the server. Studies compile and analyze information of all users. All reports are made public covering users as a whole, not individuals.

How Information Is Shared and Publicized

The TCAPO website does not sell, rent or exchange any personal information to institutions or individuals. Only under the following circumstances will the TCAPO website share private information with third parties:

To provide other services or benefits: The TCAPO website explains and notifies users before providing information to third parties. It is up to users to decide whether to accept the services or benefits.

To add value, assess or investigate service quality: Pursuant to the Data Confidentiality Agreement, the TCAPO website may make comparisons of user information with that of third parties for the purpose of providing better quality service. Additionally, to introduce website services to potential partners or any other third parties for ads or other legal purposes, the TMIAH website is allowed to disclose user statistical data without revealing user names.

Other: The TCAPO website is obligated to protect private information. Any personal data or files are modified, deleted or released without user consent. Personal data may be released with user permission, or in any of the following situations:

1. In response to a subpoena or compulsory request from law enforcement agencies of ROC,

2. Where the user has been violating website regulations in a menacing way,

3. Where services of government websites may be extended,

4. Where it is necessary to protect the legitimate rights of other users.

Information Security

In spite of our committed effort to safeguard private information and maintain data transmission safety, the TCAPO website cannot 100% guarantee internet data transmission security. The transmission process depends on whether user connection is secure. All internet users are subject to these risks.

Any personal information disclosed by registered users on the website, such as an email address or name on discussion pages, may be collected and used by others. Users are not required to submit personal information on these pages. By making personal information publicly accessible, users may receive ads or unwanted mail from other websites. This is beyond the control of the TCAPO website.

Revision of Privacy and Security Policy

The TCAPO website updates the privacy policy occasionally in response to changes in standards. When many regulations regarding private data have been modified, revisions are posted on the website.

Consultation on Privacy and Security Policy

For any questions concerning the privacy policy or collection, application and renewal of personal data, contact us directly during office hours at 02-87897158 or 24-hour fax line 02-27221540. Letters may also be sent to the Director’s mailbox.