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1What should I do when the dog owner does not pick up their dog’s poop or the dog is not leashed?2020-02-17
2Things to do for dogs and cats.2020-02-17
3What should I do when I find animal is injured or trapped?2020-02-17
4What did Taipei City Government do about protecting us from Avian Influenza infection?2015-05-29
5How do I become a volunteer at the Taipei Animal Shelter (TAS)?2010-11-24
6If I do not want to keep my dog, what should I do?2010-09-11
7The Rabies Vaccination Certificate of my dog is missing. Where should I go for a new copy?2010-09-11
8Can I apply to re-test a drug that did not pass the first time?2010-09-11
9What documents should I provide when applying for a Drug Inspection Seal?2010-09-11
10How do I report and handle dead birds to avoid Avian Influenza?2010-09-11
11How do we apply for a field trip to Taipei Animal Shelter for students?2010-09-11
12My dog/cat died. Can I take it to Taipei Animal Shelter?2010-09-11
13My family is going overseas. Can I leave my pet with TAS?2010-09-11
14Can dogs be vaccinated or be implanted with microchips at TAS?2010-09-11
15Does TAS neuter or spay animals?2010-09-11
16I would like to adopt an animal. What is required?2010-09-11
17What is needed to claim an animal at TAS?2010-09-11
18What are the hours of operation at TAS?2010-09-11
19How do I get to TAS?2010-09-11
20How often is the dog park weeded?2010-09-11
21What is the cost to have pets registered in Taipei City?2010-09-11
22Does the city government subsidize neutering or spaying of stray cats?2010-09-11
23How can I file a consumer dispute after buying a pet from a pet store?2010-09-11