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1How to Avoid Dog Conflicts SOP - Insights from Taipei Animal Protection Office2023-12-01
2Taipei City Responded to World Animal Day by Held the “Hey! Let’s Protect Animals Together” Event at the Zoo, Allowed the Public to Experience Animal-Friendly Concepts Through Fun Activities.2023-10-26
3Has your pet been spayed/neutered? The Taipei City Dog and Cat Spaying/Neutering Subsidy is still available.2023-09-26
4Grand opening of the 2023 Guandu International Nature Art Festival A marvelous intersection of nature and art created by international artists!2023-09-12
5Responding to rising costs of animal sheltering and various services, Taipei City announced today (Jul 5) the revision of "Taipei Animal Shelter Service Fee Standards"2023-07-31
6Attention to Citizens Living in Communities Near the Mountainside: Don’t panic when you see Formosan gem-faced civets!2023-06-09
7TCAPO Checks Pet Food Safety for You2023-05-30
8No Macaques as Pets. Violators Would Lose Money and Monkey!2023-05-08
9Taipei City Cat and Dog School Starts 2023 Spring Class! Sign Up for 6 Limited Free Courses!2023-03-29
10TCAPO Awards NT$1,500 Gift Certificate to Adopter Buying Insurance for Pets.2023-03-16
11Use glue mousetraps with caution! They can also capture other animals.2023-01-01
12The first dog-only sports ground in Zhongshan District, Taipei City, "Meiti Dog Off-leash Area" was officially opened, with dog parks or dog activity areas in 12 administrative districts!2022-12-23
13TCAPO reminds citizens to buy veterinary drugs from legal sources, in order to safeguard pets' health.2022-12-22
14Pet owners had better watch out! Take all necessary precautions before taking your pets out.2022-12-08
15Duplex Award winner, Shengxiang Lin perform music with his healing voice for the “2022 Guandu Bird Art” opening2022-11-17
16Jinlong Village, Neihu District Is the First to Add New Strength to "TAS Love for Stray Animals" Adoption Site Program2022-11-16
17Taipei City Animal Protection Office calls on existing pit bull owners to complete pet registration at the pet registration station as soon as possible before February 28th, 2022. Those who fail to complete registration within the time limit will be punished according to the Animal Protection Act2022-11-09
18TCAPO: Read Animal Adoption Contract Carefully to Avoid Disputes and Show Love and Responsibility2022-10-27
19An invitation for you to join the “ 2022 Taipei Animal Protection Month.” To experience the Beautiful Journey of Animals.2022-09-29
20【To See or To Say Goodbye】-The Beauty and Sadness of Leopard Cats!2022-08-26
21Taipei City Annual Dog and Cat Rabies Vaccination Tour to kick-off on August 5! 32 sessions of free vaccines including 5 with additional non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats. Chances of lucky draw are also offered.2022-08-05
22Avian influenza H5N1 detected in the feces of migratory birds. TCAPO urges not to feed or touch wild birds.2022-07-27
23Sending Warmth to Social Welfare Groups, 5000 free-admissions to Guandu Nature Park2022-03-31
24Taipei Animal Shelter will be closed from 1/31 to 2/4 during Chinese New Year.2022-01-24
25Leave Wild Animals in the Wild2022-01-03
26Taipei Cat Care Program has turn Taipei to an animal friendly city2021-12-28
27Private pig farms in Taipei City have stopped and there is no suspicion of African swine fever yet2021-12-03
28Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) reminds pet lodging service business please keep the expiration date of your permit in mind and make sure to renew your permit in time.2021-11-01
29Official version pet medical consent form ensures patient communication and pet medical quality2021-10-26
30TCAPO and TAEA working hand in hand to promote stray-cat-friendly policies2021-10-26
31Taipei City 110th Annual Neighborhood Dog and Cat Rabies Vaccination Tour Begins Today! 47 sessions of free vaccination and pet registration services2021-10-19
32Let’s join the specific pet training program to provide professional care for pets!2021-09-23
34What should the pet owner do after being confirmed positive for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COIVD-19)?2021-05-31
35Don't pick up baby birds.2021-01-29
36The cold current is on the way!Cold resistance in Taipei Animal Shelter!2021-01-21
37The specific breeds pet industry has been fined 460,000 NTD accumulatively in 2020. Taipei City Animal Protection Office urges dog and cat owners to select legal operators carefully.2021-01-18
38Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) urges not to feed stray dogs.2021-01-16
39New pet insurance program for Taipei shelter animals including elder dogs and cats2020-09-03
40Hot summer warning - it is illegal to leave dogs and cats alone in the car2020-08-05
41For pet’s sake, choose legal veterinary drugs2020-07-27
42Be cautious, Taiwan blue magpies may attack people in breeding season2020-05-29
43The Yucheng Park Dog Run Area was officially opened2020-04-29
44Taipei Animal Shelter is closed during Chinese New Year holiday2020-03-18
45Plastic snap mice traps are illegal.2020-02-17
46Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) planned a variety of animal rabies vaccination campaigns in September,2020-01-10