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Sending Warmth to Social Welfare Groups, 5000 free-admissions to Guandu Nature Park

Guandu Nature Park, cooperating with Taipei Animal Protection Office, has launched a series of “Good Nature in Taipei” activities. Through these activities, citizens can understand and participate more in nature conservation. 5000 free admission opportunities were reserved for social welfare groups, inviting the disadvantaged to join and enjoy the beauty of wetland environment.
“Visual beauty, Auditory luxury, DIY crafts, and Park tour” are the four major themes of Guandu Nature Park. Citizens can watch conservation documentaries and learn more about the importance of wetland conservation. DIY crafts and outdoor park tour are popular activities. Both children and adults can find lots of fun and have a great time during their visit.
Every visitor receives one “Good Nature in Taipei” card before entering the park. The QR code on the back of the card is linked to the official website of Guandu Nature Park. Give it a quick scan for more information and latest news about Guandu Nature Park! We look forward to your visit!