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Services Provided by Each Office

Quarantine and Inspection Section

Breeding registration of livestock and domestic fowl
Farm registration
Infectious disease prevention
Suspicious infectious disease handling
Epidemic disease surveillance
Animal health and hygiene
Zoonosis examination
Veterinary public health research
Pet food examination
Animal cruelty examination
Animal drug management
Animal feed management
Hygiene and safety of pet food management


Animal Management and Protection Section

Planning, formulation and practicing of animal protection policies
Veterinary affairs management
Pet registration
Pet population control
Guidance and education of responsible pet ownership
Economic animal transportation and management
Lab animal management
Pet corpse cremation


Animal Shelter and Adoption Section

Identification, neutering, rescue, medication and management of stray animal and wildlife
Animal shelter management
Guidance of life education


Pet Industry and Wildlife Conservation Section

Planning and analysis of developmental strategies for animal industries
Pet breeding, selling, buying, accommodation, renting, safekeeping, exhibition and funeral affairs
Pet industries management
Customers protection
Natural park management
Wildlife management and conservation


Animal Rescue Team

Rescue, capture and control of stray animals and wildlife
Animal protection laws enforcing
Animal cruelty inspection
Illegal pet shop inspection and banning