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Don't pick up baby birds.

In recent years, there has been a growing number of calls for bird rescue in Taipei City. Most of calls are related to baby birds and fledglings and are reported from April to August. When people see baby birds outdoors, they usually think that the birds are either injured and or in need of rescue. But in most cases, these baby birds are just in the process of learning how to fly. Therefore, it’s recommended not to intervene at all except putting the birds on a nearby perch, which helps to keep them out of harm's way.
If a bird is “rescued” and taken to the vet, there will be very little chance that the bird can survive. Even in cases where it does survive, the bird is often unable to be released due to its lack of survival skills, so are condemned to a life of captivity.
In conclusion, we make the following recommendations:
A healthy nestling should be returned to the nest.
Only those baby songbird (either fledgling or nestling) injured, exposed to the risk of hypothermia or showing symptoms of lack of energy should be taken immediately to a vat.
Do not put any food or liquid into any bird’s mouth.
Finally, before you pick up any baby bird, please call the 1999 or 24 hours animal rescue line (02-87913064~5).