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For pet’s sake, choose legal veterinary drugs

    With the arrival of summer, Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) appeals the pet owners to beware of parasites such as fleas and ticks when walking the dog. It’s necessary to purchase pest repellent at veterinary hospital and apply on your pets regularly to prevent parasite infestation and infection of lethal babesiosis or ehrlichiosis. TCAPO also reminds that selling or group buying veterinary drugs online is offending the Veterinary Drugs Control Act, violators will be imposed a fine of NT$90,000 to NT$450,000 in accordance with the Act.
    Pet owners prefer to walk their dogs in warm weather, however, in Taiwan’s warm and humid climate, ectoparasites are very common on the grass and even in the cracks of the wall. If pets are bitten by ticks with Babesia or Ehrlichia, they might be infected and show the symptoms of anorexia, decreased mobility, fever, lethargy and weakness. In severe cases, the pets might have anemia and jaundice, which require blood transfusion. Pet owners shall consult veterinarians for proper treatment of their pets.
    TCAPO supplements that according to Veterinary Drugs Control Act, veterinary drugs can only be sold at animal hospitals or physical stores that obtained veterinary drug dealer license. It’s forbidden to post any selling information of veterinary drugs on Internet. It’s also illegal if a store obtained veterinary drug dealer license sells veterinary drugs online. TCAPO receives impeaches of illegal online veterinary drug sales often, since January 2020, TCAPO has seized 3 cases of illegal online sales, and imposed the fines of NT$270,000 in accordance with the Act. TCAPO reminds the public to abide by the law to ensure animal health and save money.