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Taipei City Annual Dog and Cat Rabies Vaccination Tour to kick-off on August 5! 32 sessions of free vaccines including 5 with additional non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats. Chances of lucky draw are also offered.

        Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) holds an annual activity, “Neighborhood Rabies Vaccination Rounds for Domestic Dogs and Cats”, beginning from August 5 to October 21, 2022. 100 doses of free rabies vaccines and 50 sets of pets registration services are provided in each session. In addition to the aforesaid, 5 sessions, total 45 non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats, are added for citizens who make reservation online in advance. Non-local citizens are also welcomed to take their furkids for vaccination. Any participant who has completed the vaccination for their furkids and registration online for ‘Taipei Furkids Fight Against Rabies (臺北毛孩「打」起來)’ will have a chance of lucky draw to win special presents.
        Because there were still cases related to residents being bitten by wild animals in central and southern Taiwan, in order to safeguard citizens’ health, TCAPO has determined to hold the free rabies vaccination activities annually. This year there will be 32 sessions including 5 to be added with non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats in those districts, Xinyi, Wenshan, Neihu, Nangang, Shilin, Beitou and Daan. The additional 5 sessions are open for citizens to register at the URL, https://bit.ly/3S6gaae, and will be charged at a special price as NTD$200. TCAPO reminds that any dog or cat of 3 months old and above will be suitable to take the vaccine. One more thing to remember is that owners have to bring their ID cards, pets’ portable cages and/or leashes as well as relevant precaution to attend the activity. Owners may consult veterinary on site to make sure if their pets are in good condition for taking vaccines on that day, and they also need to check if there is any allergic reaction happened to those vaccinated pets in following days.

        TCAPO announced that the ‘Taipei Furkids Fight Against Rabies’ lucky draw activity was officially rolled out on July 22, 2022. It is open and could be traced back to those owners who have had their pets got rabies vaccines and badges with “111A” as from January 1, 2022. What they need to do is to register required personal information and upload vaccination certificate at the URL, https://bit.ly/3O2BDO9.Then those owners will be able to try their luck for getting one of the thousand gifts. TCAPO also provide same chances to those owners who have their pets be vaccinated at the hospitals they preferred in Taipei City. The main purpose is to urge our citizens to complete annually vaccination for their pets as early as possible. For further information, please don’t hesitate to visit TCAPO official website.