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Let’s join the specific pet training program to provide professional care for pets!

Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) has commissioned the Taipei Pet Commerce Association (TPCA) to organize a specific pet services training program, a 54-hour online program, from September to November. This program aims to protect the consumer right of pet owners and pets and improve the quality of services in the pet industry. The courses are designed for pet professionals to enhance their knowledge of animal welfare, animal behavior, cleaning and caring, etc.; TCAPO encourages people interested in the pet industry to join the classes by signing up via the Facebook fan page of TPCA. You will be qualified as a specific pet professional after completing the program with an accumulation of 200 hours of learning!
In addition, TCAPO mentions that it is required to apply for a specific pet permit to run a pet boarding business legally. It is also essential to keep in mind that hiring professionals familiar with pet laws and regulations benfits running a pet boarding business by providing exemplary care of pets to satisfy the owners’ needs. Therefore, by supporting the above, TCAPO and TPCA cooperate to create a platform for citizens interested in working in the pet industry and pet sitters to absorb new knowledge related to professional skills in the specific pet industry. Hence, we welcome pet professionals and pet sitters to sign up our program for enhancing their prodessional competencies!