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How to Avoid Dog Conflicts SOP - Insights from Taipei Animal Protection Office

When you're out and encounter a situation where you're being attacked by dogs accompanied by their owners, what should you do to protect yourself and handle the situation afterwards? Taipei City Animal Protection Office advises that in the event of such conflicts, to safeguard your rights, please report the incident to the police and the 1959 Animal Protection Hotline immediately. The office will not only investigate whether the dog owners were negligent but also determine if the dogs should be classified as aggressive pets.


Recently, there was a case in Taipei City where a Doberman attacked a Bichon Frise, despite both dogs being on leashes. Due to the Doberman's strength, the owner was unable to restrain their excited dog, which lunged at the Bichon Frise. Many people are unsure about how to handle dog conflicts when they are about to happen. Taipei City Animal Protection Office suggests that both dog owners should shorten their leashes and control their dogs. Owners can also block the dogs' line of sight and quickly move away from the scene in the opposite direction. Additionally, if someone intends to attack a dog, they should lower their center of gravity, hold the dog, and use their body weight to control the dog's aggressive behavior and attempt to make the dog sit down. If someone, whether human or animal, is injured, it's essential to seek medical attention promptly. To protect the rights of both parties and assess whether the dog is aggressive, you should also report the incident to the police and the 1959 Animal Protection Hotline.


Taipei City Animal Protection Office emphasizes that according to Article 7 of the Animal Protection Act, pet owners shall prevent their animals from infringing on the life, body, freedom, or property of others. When walking your dog, in addition to properly leashing them, please keep a close eye on your dog's behavior. If a situation of conflict between a person and a dog arises, please report it to the 1959 Animal Protection Hotline, and Taipei City Animal Protection Office will send specialists to assist with the situation.