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【To See or To Say Goodbye】-The Beauty and Sadness of Leopard Cats!

Leopard cats are the only surviving wild cat species endemic to Taiwan. They used to thrive in Taiwan’s lower elevations of around 1,000 meters but are now rapidly disappearing due to the human destruction, development and utilization of their habitats. It is estimated that there are only about 400 to 600 leopard cats living in the shallow-mountain habitats in counties and cities such as Miaoli, Taichung, Nantou, Changhua, Hsinchu, Chiayi, etc., and they have become an endangered wild animal for protection announced by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. To expand and promote the conservation work of leopard cats, Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) joined hands with Leopard Cat Association of Taiwan (LCAT) and Let's Go Supporting group, both of which have long been concerned about the conservation of leopard cats, to host an exhibition under the title of [To See or To Say Goodbye] Exhibition of Leopard Cat Conservation and Jean Chu's Aquarelle at the space between No. 173-13 and 15, Bopiliao Historical Block, Wanhua District, Taipei City. During the event, Dr. Mei-ting Chen, will lead her partners engaged in the conservation campaign of leopard cats to showcase the precious materials that the LCAT has collected and accumulated since it was established 5 years ago. Moreover, also invited will be Hakka artist Jean Chu, who has been dedicated to recording the leopard cats with her paint brushes. She will present her 21 creative paintings to guide viewers to feel the beauty and sadness of leopard cats over the past hundred years in Taiwan!

TCAPO said that the exhibition content is divided into three parts in four aspects, including the watercolor paintings that show the heart-touching vitality of leopard cats, the life stories of six leopard cats that present the existential threats encountered by leopard cats, and the precious documentaries. All of them are put together here in a hope to awaken and mobilize the public to take practical actions to protect the leopard cats and to act as the best backups and ambassadors to support the conservation of leopard cats. At the opening day of the event on Friday, August 12th, Dr. Mei-ting Chen, nicknamed as the mother of leopard cats, will introduce you to leopard cats in an "immersive" guided tour. In addition, planned to take place on Saturday, August 20th, will be a series of diversified activities. In the morning, Ms. Jean Chu will be here to lead all the audiences, adults and kids alike, to carry out a painting campaign in which parents and kids will work together to draw the pictures of leopard cats, which they can take home; in the afternoon, lecturer Yong-song Peng, the well-known Teacher Monkey of the Wild Rainforest Foundation, will be invited to share his thoughts on "If leopard cats disappear from Taiwan, what will happen to human beings? Is there a way to solve the dilemma between nature conservation and economic development?" You are welcome to visit the Bopiliao Historical Block in Wanhua District, where you can follow the footsteps of the LCAT, appreciate the beautiful and dexterous drawings by Jean Chu, and get to know leopard cats up close.

For the visit to Bopiliao Historical Block, TCAPO reminds visitors, adults and kids alike, to get off at Longshan Temple Station of MRT Bannan Line, turn left from Exit 1 and walk along Guangzhou Street for 5 minutes, or turn right at Exit 3 and walk along Kangding Road for 3 minutes. For bus riders, they can take any bus routes that can reach MRT Longshan Temple Station, Longshan Temple (Xiyuan) Station, Longshan Temple (Kangding) Station or Laosong Elementary School Station. For car drivers, they can park at the Mengka Park underground parking lot, the Carrefour Guilin parking lot or street parking. For registration information of the exhibition and related activities, please contact TCAPO ([link]) or LCAT ([link]) or Facebook ([link]).