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Be cautious, Taiwan blue magpies may attack people in breeding season

From April to August,it is on the blue magpies breeding seasons.To protect baby birds,Taiwan blue magpies display strong nest defense behavior. They will attack intruders mercilessly until they retreat. Recently,Taipei city animal protection office(TCAPO) receive  many cases announced be attacked by Taiwan blue magpies.
TCAPO suggest  wearing a hat or putting up an umbrella to prevent being attacked,when engaging in field activities.
Taiwan blue magpie has been listed as a rare and valuable species .The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has currently assessed the species to be of least concern category as it does not meet the criteria to be identifiedas vulnerable and protected by Taiwan's Wildlife Conservation Act.However, people who attack blue magpies, will violate the Taiwan's Wildlife Conservation Act.Moreover,vidators may be sentenced to at least 6 months imprisonment and be charged a penalty up to 100 million NT dollors,at the same time.If you don’t know how to deal with them,please call 1999 for help.