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Duplex Award winner, Shengxiang Lin perform music with his healing voice for the “2022 Guandu Bird Art” opening

        "Taipei International Bird Watching Fair" and "Guandu International Nature Art Festival" began at 11 a.m. on November 5, 2022. Deputy director of Department of Economic Development Taipei City Government, Xinpei Wu, Senior Specialty of Forestry Bureau Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, Hsiu-Chuan Huang, and the Representative from Department of Culture Affair participated in today’s kickoff ceremony. The event commenced with a remedial song from Duplex Award winner, Shengxiang Lin. A two days free admission event has over 50 booths include art exhibition, challenging games, artistic studios, Birds Trivia and animal protection and ecological conservation associated activities.   

        Deputy director of Department of Economic Development, Xinpei Wu, stated that Taipei City government entrusts Wild Bird Society of Taipei for executing “Guandu Nature Park”, the national wetland, to protect wild bird habitat and biodiversity as nature treasure in Taipei for the harmony of people living in metropolitan area and the nature. In this year, “Taipei International Birdwatching Fair” emphasizes on topic of “Birding & Life Festival” creating a leisure lifestyle in birdwatching, and the concept of ecological conservation and animal friendly environment while learning birdwatching and bird cherishing. Furthermore, Guandu International Nature and Art Festival focus on “Healing, is a procedure” allowing participants to experience the fusion of art and nature as a healing process in the Anthropocene and Post-pandemic era. 

        The curator, Bo-Sen Liao displays five artworks which were created with five inter- and intra-national artists with a theme: the integration of nature and humanity history by using local natural materials to allow participants experiencing a different Guandu Nature Park. Taipei City Animal Protection Office and Wild Bird Society of Taipei encourage nature enthusiastic citizens and their companions to come and join the event. There are small art tour, ecological and calming workshops and art therapy activities after the opening ceremony. The exhibition starts today and runs until the end of year. For more details, please go to official website of TCAPO (https://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/ ), Taipei International Bird Watching Fair (http://www.wbst.org.tw/news/term/93) and Guandu International Nature Art Festival (https://www.guandu-natureart.tw/)