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New pet insurance program for Taipei shelter animals including elder dogs and cats

The Taipei Animal Protection Office launched a new pet insurance program in a bid to encourage pet adopters to better safeguard their four-legged friends’ health and wellbeing in 2020.
The promoted program, called “Give Stray Animals a Home; They Are Lucky to Have You,” allows pet owners who adopt dogs or cats at the Taipei Animal Shelter, VIP, TAS love houses, animal love stations, campus dogs and cats from Jun. 1 to Dec. 31 this year to enjoy free insurance coverage.
Now, with more pets officially registered and implanted with a microchip, the insurance industry is willing to devise new policies that not only ensure animal rights, but also reduce the risk of animal abandonment due to the owner’s inability to pay for their pet’s medical costs, he said.
According to the Animal Protection Office (APO), cats and dogs adopted at the Taipei Animal Shelter throughout the year will be eligible. The one-year program offers medical liability coverage and covers medical costs and funeral expenses.
The APO hopes the program will help alleviate the financial burden of being a pet owner, safeguard the rights of the furry family members, and reduce the chances of pets being abandoned once they fall ill or get old.
Taipei City Goverment capital has been endeavoring to help street animals find a home. Pet owners can surf more animal adoption information and pet insurance program on APO official website (https://www.tcapo.gov.taipei) or Taipei Animal Shelter facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tcapo.tas/). To recognize the pet insurance information can also be found at MSIG Mingtai Insurance CO.,LTD.