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Taipei Cat Care Program has turn Taipei to an animal friendly city

        The 2021 Taipei Cat Care Program was carried out by 8 NGOs, and has recruited more than 200 neighborhoods, 300 volunteers, to join and create a better living habitat for stray cats. This November, Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) has awarded 37 village chiefs and 97 volunteers a certificate of appreciation for their effort.
        With more and more people joining the Taipei Cat Care Program, the importance of castration and life quality of stray cats have gained public attention. During breeding season, stray cats may caterwaul all night, causing a poor sleeping quality for residents in the same neighborhood.
A citizen from Zhong-Zheng district thus joined TCCP volunteer training sessions and become a volunteer to help conduct TNR for stray cats around the neighborhood. After castration, no-more caterwaul noises have been heard and streets have become cleaner without stray-cat marking spots. Residents have also hold a more positive opinion towards stray cats living in the same neighborhood.
        Since stray cats reproduce very quickly, “castration” is the very first step to solve all the following problems, such as caterwauling, urine marking, and fighting for territory. TCAPO also offers ectoparasite spot-on drops or sprays to avoid stray cats bringing flea and ticks into the neighborhood. Before replacing cats back to the neighborhood, rabies vaccinations were also given, protecting both citizens and animals from the zoonosis. Through TCCP, stray cats can live in harmony with people. Citizens are also welcomed to join the program, creating an animal-friendly city. For more information, please feel free to check out our official website !