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After completing the adoption process at the Taipei Animal Shelter, owners of adopted pets are eligible to apply for a maximum NT$3,000 pet insurance subsidy.

To encourage pet owners to prioritize the health of their adopted animals, the Taipei Animal Protection Office has introduced a new initiative. Starting this year(2024), a cash incentive will be offered to those who adopt pets from the Taipei Animal Shelter and voluntarily purchase pet insurance. Applications for the incentive will be accepted from today until December 20th, with a subsidy limit of NT$3,000 per pet. Owners who have previously received assistance in purchasing insurance or have received voucher rewards from the Animal Protection Office are also eligible to apply if they purchase new insurance or renew their insurance this year. The subsidy is limited to one payment per pet.


The Animal Protection Office promotes responsible pet ownership and awareness of pet insurance. In 2017, the Office took the initiative to promote pet insurance for adopted animals in Taipei, and since 2011, it has been incentivizing pet owners to purchase insurance by rewarding them with supermarket gift certificates. This initiative has led to 196 pet owners insuring their pets and receiving NT$1,500 worth of gift certificates. During this period, there was public feedback suggesting a shift towards cash rewards instead of vouchers to subsidize insurance premiums. In response, the Animal Protection Office actively incorporated public opinions into planning the pet insurance incentive measures. As a result, they have implemented cash subsidies this year. Pets adopted from the Taipei Animal Shelter are eligible for the subsidy if they have been spayed or neutered, received the rabies vaccination, and their pet insurance is still valid. The subsidy is limited to one payment per pet, and the amount will be based on the actual insurance premium paid, with a maximum subsidy of NT$3,000. Moreover, individuals who have adopted pets from the Taipei Animal Shelter through various channels facilitated by the Animal Protection Office, such as the TAS “Love Fills the House” initiative or the subsidy program for private adoption and care for shelter dogs and cats, are also eligible to apply. The annual deadline for submitting applications is December 20th. Applicants who miss this deadline but have valid insurance coverage may reapply in the following year.


The Animal Protection Office also states that owners of adopted animals can apply in person at the Taipei Animal Shelter counter or submit their application documents by mail to the Animal Protection Office. Alternatively, they can apply online through the Taipei City Government's Citizen Service Platform.(service) From today, individuals who adopt pets from the Taipei Animal Shelter will not only enjoy the 10 “Happy Dog and Cat Adoption Benefits,” but will also receive a complimentary box of coffee (containing 10 packs) while supplies last. In addition, those who adopt dogs or cats under the age of 1 will also receive a limited quantity of puppy or kitten healthy growth gift boxes valued at approximately NT$300. To learn more about animal sheltering and adoption, you can visit the official website of the Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) or check out the Taipei Animal Shelter’s Facebook fan page (FB) for more details.