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TCAPO reminds citizens to buy veterinary drugs from legal sources, in order to safeguard pets' health.

Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) mentions that 11 cases of online illegal veterinary drugs trafficking were reported so far in 2022, the person committing the offense against Veterinary Drugs Control Act may be fined NT$90,000 to NT$450,000. Owners pay more and more attention to pets' daily medicine such as anthelmintics, TCAPO urges citizens to buy veterinary drugs from legal sources, and reminds that selling veterinary drugs online, importing or selling veterinary drugs without license from abroad are prohibited by Veterinary Drugs Control Act.


A while ago, TCAPO received a report that a person illegally sold veterinary drug "NexGard SPECTRA" online. Under TCAPO's investigation, the person confessed that he sold redundant drugs online, not knowing this action violated the law. Finally, he was subject to a fine of NT$90,000, the loss outweighed the gain. In compliance with Veterinary Drugs Control Act, veterinary drugs shall be sold in veterinary hospitals or stores with a veterinary drug dealer license. Buying drugs online without veterinarians' instruction may pose a threat to pets' health. TCAPO also urges citizens to recognize the veterinary drug license issued by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, "veterinary drug import license (動物藥入字)" or "veterinary drug manufacture license (動物藥製字)", in order to ensure the sources are legal and safeguard pets' health.


Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan Order was hereby given in 2022, for the amendment of "Regulations Governing Management of Imported Samples and Gifts of Veterinary Drugs". In addition to loosening the criteria for application, veterinary medical association is given the right to help veterinarians to specially import and store veterinary drugs, providing veterinarians more ways to obtain different veterinary drugs, that meets more pets' medical needs. For further information, please feel free to visit TCAPO official website.