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The Yucheng Park Dog Run Area was officially opened

The Yucheng Park Dog Run Area is the seventh dog run area in Taipei City. It was first introduced in 2019, and was officially opened on February 16th, 2020. 
The Dog Run Area covers an area of 311 square meter, the facilities including park bench, dog waste bag station, garbage can and notice board. Fence of Dog Run Area was built by Parks and Street Lights Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government. It allowed dogs to run and play in a safe way, creating a pet-friendly zone for the owners and dogs in Taipei City.
The Yucheng Park Dog Run Area is maintained by Taipei city animal protection office (TCAPO). TCAPO sends contractor staff to Dog Run Area daily , including patrol and collect garbage. Dog Run Areas are also disinfect and weed regularly. “Pet owners and dogs can play safely together in dog run area. ” TCAPO claimed.
In order to coordinate with Yucheng Park Dog Run Area, Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government launched “Dog-Friendly Bus” along the route of Line 207. Three daily services is available during holidays from February 16th. The bus routes have a stop at “XieheYoudeHigh School”, only 50 meters away from the Yucheng Park Dog Run Area.
Finally, TCAPO would like to remind pet owners that the most important thing to prevent dieases from dogs is owner’s awareness. Remember to have pets immunized with vaccine every year and avoid contacting wild-animals and birds. Also, please clean up the waste after using dog run area.
Hope every owner’s and their dog enjoy the facilities in Yucheng Park Dog Run Area.