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Give Stray Animals a New Home and Create a Brand-new Design for the Taipei City Animal Shelter.

In order to provide a better shelter environment for over 1,000 dogs and cats in the Taipei City Animal Shelter, the Taipei City Animal Protection Office has been planning a new construction project since 2020. Despite challenges such as unsuccessful bids and site assessments, the project planning has been revised this year, with a focus on four major goals: "Friendly Shelter," "Rehoming," "Life Education," and "Family Recreation." The future animal shelter will transform into a multifunctional adoption and life education center, moving beyond the traditional perception of a facility for housing and adopting stray dogs and cats. The budget for the new project is currently under review by the city council, and if approved, construction is expected to commence in June 2024, with completion anticipated by November 2026.


The Taipei City Animal Protection Office has stated that the Taipei City Animal Shelter is the sole facility for stray dogs and cats in the city. Since the implementation of the “no-kill” policy in 2017, the number of animals in the shelter has steadily increased. In order to provide a better shelter environment, the Animal Protection Office has revised the design based on a new construction plan approved by the city council in 2022. The original site on Tanmei Street in Neihu has been repurposed for institutional use and incorporating the Animal Protection Office administrative office for enhanced operational efficiency. The future construction of the animal shelter will have the capacity to accommodate at least 1,300 dogs and cats. In particular, the design of the animal housing space has drawn inspiration from concepts used in shelters in Europe, the United States, and other countries. Consideration has been given to feedback from domestic and international animal welfare organizations, volunteers, and public opinion. The design addresses specific needs such as noise control, odor prevention, and air conditioning systems. Special emphasis has been placed on animal welfare and epidemic prevention, with efforts to minimize impact on the surrounding environment. Additionally, a rooftop dog playground will be installed to provide suitable exercise space for the dogs.


The Animal Protection Office further emphasizes that the new construction project for the animal shelter is not just about a completely new design for hardware and facilities. The operational planning and software services will be executed with careful attention to detail. Future plans include the implementation of strategies to "reduce the waiting time for animal adoption" and "increase the number of visitors to the animal shelter." Through the "Friendly Shelter" initiative, animals will be housed based on age, maintaining ventilation and creating a comfortable environment to enhance their chances of adoption. Additionally, a "Rehoming" plan is in place, incorporating a grooming salon, medical center, physical therapy room, and behavior correction center. This aims to transform stray animals after receiving care, increasing their stability for a successful adoption to a new home. A 'Stray to Home Story Hall' and Life Education Classroom will be established and will be open for visits from government, school, and group organizations. Regular educational programs will be conducted to instill concepts of animal welfare and protection, enhancing the 'Family Recreation' aspect. The facility will integrate functions such as nature resource conservation from the Neihu Rehabilitation Park, thus contributing to the creation of a new type of family leisure destination in Taipei City.


The Taipei City Animal Shelter, dedicated to the proper care of sheltered dogs and cats, has established a satellite facility at the Neihu Rehabilitation Park, located at 191 Anmei Street, Neihu District. The facility is open from 10 AM to 4 PM every Tuesday to Sunday. Citizens are welcome to visit the satellite facility for pet adoption. Those who adopt dogs or cats from the Taipei City Animal Shelter will receive adoption benefits valued at approximately NT$51,300. For more adoption information and details about related events, please visit the official website of the Taipei City Animal Protection Office ([link]) or check the Facebook pages of Taipei City Animal Shelter ([link]) and Taipei Animal Friendly Space ([link]).