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Official version pet medical consent form ensures patient communication and pet medical quality

        As senile pet medicine has gained more public attention, refinement of pet medical care has inevitably become a trend. In order to promote the quality of pet medical care and reduce medical controversies, Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) and Taipei Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) has launched the first public version pet medical consent form. By listing a clear and accurate medical consent form, TVMA hopes to bridge the communication gap between pet owners and veterinarians.
        Chung-Chieh Lin, Commissioner of Department of Economic Development (DOED) of Taipei, stated that an average of 10-15 pet medical controversies occur in Taipei annually. Most controversial cases are caused by misunderstandings between owner and veterinarian. Owners think they are not fully informed about the medical conditions, treatment, and risks of their pets, while veterinarians insist on having everything verbally informed. Therefore, with the strong support of the Department of Legal Affairs, TPACO and TVMA have designed a public version of a medical, anesthesia, and surgery consent form for both veterinarians and pet owners. With a clear and accurate consent form document, veterinarians can explain medical conditions to owners more easily, while pet owners can understand better, helping both parties to interact and communicate in a friendly way.
        TCAPO urges citizens to choose legalized animal hospitals to conduct pet surgeries. Owners are allowed to ask for consent form documents prior to medical treatments in order to know about the risks and possible outcomes of their pets. Feel free to check out our official website to know more about this topic! [連結](https://exp.gov.taipei/Home/doctor)