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An invitation for you to join the “ 2022 Taipei Animal Protection Month.” To experience the Beautiful Journey of Animals.

The “2022 Taipei Animal Protection Month,” started on September 4th, centers around the idea of “Friendly Taipei City & Happy Town for Animals” and will feature its animal-friendly plan via “To My Dear ___, ” a promotional video, and love-your-pet playlets. Until October 1st, a series of themed activities will be held in recognition of Animal Protection Month. The goal is to help citizens learn more about animal protection and wild animal conservation, to understand that all species in the city deserve to be treated with respect and love, and to create an environment where animals and humans coexist in harmony.
  According to Mr. Lin, Chung-chieh, Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, in order to teach citizens to show love and respect to animals, every September will be “Taipei Animal Protection Month.” The 2022 Animal Protection Month kicked off at the Taipei Animal Shelter (TAS). People who checked in at the TAS on September 4th or September 9th may enjoy a cup of coffee (only a limited number of cups are available) for free and were encouraged to interact with accommodated dogs and cats and adopt pets there. Moreover, newbie pet owners are welcome to participate in “Animal Protection Education Week” on the Taipei Animal Protection Month Facebook webpage, where they can attend integrated online courses offered by the pet training school and the Taipei E-Campus from September 12-18, 2022, to learn more about pet care. In addition to learning pet owners’ responsibilities, a series of activities were available at the newly-open Fushun Dog Park: free rabies vaccination and pet activities were held on September 24th. Rabies is a deadly viral disease that infects animals and humans, and it is essential for pet parents to take preventative measures for good pet/human health.
  Lastly, the major event for World Animal Day will be held at the Taipei Zoo on October 1st, 2022. Anyone, regardless of age, who wants to see the animal rescue vans up close and learn how the animal rescue team rescues animals, should not miss the opportunity to take part in the major event of this year’s animal protection month. 
  The staff of the Taipei City Animal Protection Office would like to remind you that anyone attending this year’s animal protection education week will get a chance to participate in a quiz contest and win a prize in the prize draw. If you want to know more about the good stuff available during Animal Protection Month, please visit the “Taipei Animal Protection Month Facebook Webpage(  https://reurl.cc/9p66kd ) , or follow the Taipei Animal Shelter (link: https://reurl.cc/LMl084 ) and Taipei Fun Pet Journey Facebook Page (Link: https://reurl.cc/GEpbKd )。