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Pet owners had better watch out! Take all necessary precautions before taking your pets out.

Many households in Taipei City keep pets at home. Following the change in the style of keeping pets, pets have become parts of the family, and owners increasingly take their pets out for a trip. The Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) urges pet owners to take all precautions before taking their pets out on scooters or in cars to prevent pets from falling off/out of the moving vehicles and causing traffic accidents.

According to the TCAPO, it  has received many reports that pet owners simply put their pets on the step floor without using protective features like a leash or cage, and some even put pets behind them on the seat when taking their pets out on scooters. The TCAPO reminds citizens that the Taipei City Government already amended in 2020 the Taipei City Rules of Basic Care for Keeping Dogs and Cats, stipulating that when transporting dogs and cats in cars or on scooters, owners must use a carrying cage, carrying bag, or some other effective protective features to prevent pets from falling off/out of the moving vehicle to prevent danger. In case that threatens pet safety or results in traffic accidents.

Currently, there are many dog carrying bags designed for scooterists. For  large dogs, there are also related products for preventing them from falling off the moving vehicle. Pet owners must take the relevant precautions when taking their pets out. Pet owners failing to use protective features will be fined between NT$2,000 and NT$10,000. Citizens discovering pet owners violating this rule can report to the Taipei City animal protection hotline  1959. Let us keep pets safe together.